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  • Revival
    We wholeheartedly believe that God has called the city of Bluefield to be a beacon of light to this region. For years, we have stood in the place of prayer and contended for revival in this city, and we will continue to fill the bowls of heaven with prayers for Bluefield until they tip, touching every soul in this region.
  • Presence
    Father’s House is a diverse family of believer's intent on seeking the heart of God together. We believe that the presence of God is what moves hearts, transforms lives, and changes cities. No amount of smoke and lights, no program, and no set list will set a person free - only His presence.
  • Worship
    We desire pure, authentic worship that’s rooted in the love of the Father, not dictated by performance and the praise of man. Real worship opens our eyes to see God for who He really is. It’s undignified. It destroys our pride and puts the Lord in his rightful place. It’s unconcerned with the opinions of men and wholly devoted to pleasing the Father’s heart. That’s the kind of worship we long for!
  • Nations
    Our body is marked with a desire to see the nations come to know the beauty of Jesus. Not only do we participate in missions, but we give financial support regularly to advance the kingdom of God.
  • Humility & Love
    Our congregation is marked with a desire for greater humility and greater love, always. These powerful virtues leak into every area of life. They keep our hearts tender to the things of God. They help keep us in unity with one another, and they cause us to burn with passion for the lost.
  • Teaching
    We believe that sound, Biblical teaching is one of the keys to spiritual growth. Spiritual experience alone will not get you where you need to be - it must be paired with the foundation of the Word. Then growth happens. We can be like mighty oaks of righteousness, unshakeable and unmovable, when we’re rooted in the truth of the Word.
  • Outreach
    This congregation is moved by the needs of our community, both spiritual and natural. We want to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the earth whether that means providing someone with a meal or buying a child’s school clothes.
  • Unity
    We believe that all believers have a unique purpose that, when working in conjunction with one another, beautifully edifies the body of Christ. Ministry is not just for those who feel called to preach or worship; it’s for everyone. We are all called to serve in some way.
  • Family
    We place high value on personal family just as much as corporate ministry and strive to create an atmosphere where family can flourish.

We can't wait to meet you.

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